What’s in the air this month?

It's Jan, Christmas is over and we are back to work, it's sometimes hard not to feel a little blue! Yet January is also a time for new beginnings and I like to use this month to make changes around the home. Best to see it as a refresh to your world for the year to come!

If ever there was a time to love the things that you are surrounded by, then it is now. I’m a big believer that surrounding yourself with things you love improves not just your daily rituals, but can also make for a happier & more productive life!

I have a long list in my own home, one being a large set of dining chairs as my children are growing up and benches are now not fitting them all! On another note, I have a passion for using fabrics on upholstery full of uplifting colours and patterns which are immediately appealing.

There are some wonderful pieces which are shown below from Swedish secretaires to Gustavian dining chairs, to a set of fifteen English illustrative birds newly framed. If these pieces had eyes they would relay the stories that would have been seen from their European homes full of history whether in a small pretty village, a large house in Paris or 18th century Swedish farmhouse.

If you are looking for something unique or unusual which adds another layer and personality to your home please do come and see us in Barn G at Bluehills or alternatively will all be on the website.

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