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I have collated a small collection which holds all of what I love whether the swing of the skirt, the puff sleeve, the antique hand embroidery or the elegant shape intertwined with the desire to make an elevated but wearable piece for the everyday.

Having always been inspired by vintage clothing of past decades. There is no particular era or single garment I love, it’s just the intricate detail, the flattering construction, the delicate color or unabashed feminine style which appeals!

As a child I would copy my mother’s drawings from her portfolio when she was a fashion designer in London. My husband who is also a designer and creative director for the past twenty-five years trawled some amazing vintage and inspiring fashion showrooms around the world. Whether it is in Notting Hill London, Shibuya Tokyo or the Rose Bowl in California. I am always on the search to find something different, inspiring & unique and ready to share this part of my life with you!

When I started my GB brand selling antiques at the shows, Ladies would ask where I found my boots, or my dress or even the jewelry I was wearing. This was very flattering and a natural evolution for me, but I still had to be encouraged to take this step forward and create a collection. Mixing what I appreciate in historical design and furniture to now clothing is very exciting to me!

So here it is! See below for a closer look at this cheerful collection, overflowing with pretty fabrics that you can wear with ease and a vivacious palette of lively pastels and pure whites which will help build a timeless wardrobe you won’t want to throw out after ten seasons!

Welcome to GB Fashion!

Shop the collection here.

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