One Of A Kind

I have always loved vintage clothing and with my husband who is a fashion designer we have for the past twenty five years trawled some amazing vintage stores around the world. Whether this was Cassie mercantile in Notting Hill London, Bob Melet’s in New York or the Rose Bowl in California. I was always on the search and still am to find something different, inspiring or unique. There is no era or single garments I particularly love it is either the construction, intricate detail, color or unabashed feminine style which appeals - in true magpie fashion!

My children are surrounded by pieces and always borrowing from our wardrobes, I particularly loved collecting for them when they were small and had a fabulous selection of vintage double breasted pea coats with velvet collars and antique levis. We believe everything needs a second chance and mixing my appreciation of historical beauty whether in furniture or now clothing gives us the hope it can be passed to generations to come.

Expect to see a new addition called One of A Kind an extension to my world, where there will be a collection of beautiful vintage treasures which I have handpicked and hope you will love as much as I do!

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