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Growing up I was surrounded with great role models and incredible historic architecture. One of the highly inspirational role models was my mother, who surrounded us with delicate colorful walls, hand painted wallpapers and finite details such as special gimp edging which she spent hours sourcing. This was all in our family home, a fifteenth century cottage in the county of Kent, known as the garden of England with its lush orchards and rolling hills. My mother is still very much a world class collector of anything beautiful and a special influence to me.

Another great inspiration for me was my boarding School, Stowe in Buckinghamshire England. This was a large stately home, formerly the country seat of the Duke of Buckingham it sat in 1000 glorious acres of mature trees and parkland. The first headmaster exclaimed that he wanted his pupils to enjoy Stowe’s unique environment and to ‘know beauty when he sees it all his life!’. You will see from the pictures I have included, the great halls, ceilings and architecture that surrounded us on a daily basis were a splendor and inspiration that one could not have helped but absorb.

This new collection has been really fun to find and I have loved all the creative, inspiring people I have met along the way. What I enjoy most is the thrill of the hunt and coming across unexpected, beautiful pieces which are either eclectic, whimsical or as a pure elements of style. Again all surrounded in rich history with a story a to tell.

I am finding that my customer appreciates that I source from all over Europe. They know they simply won’t be seeing the exact same item in a showroom or at a friend’s house!

A fine example of this is the circa 1800’s trunk (below). An extraordinary piece. The floral details on every part including the interior and the large sized domed top, all aspects that reflects its Norwegian heritage. Its date adorned on the front indicates that it would most likely be a wedding or anniversary gift!

Finding each piece is simply a subconscious reaction and I know immediately when it’s a perfect one! When my Swedish supplier showed me this antique secretaire it was a definite yes. I displayed and sold one of similar style and period at the Spring Show at Bluehills in Roundtop. Circa 1820 a stately piece in off white with distinctive lined detail and would have been a signature statement in a country house at the time. It has the three main drawers, three cabinets and 10 further drawers inside the desk dropdown – a true one of a kind!

There are no rules surrounding yourself with things you love and are passionate about – it will always work! My hope is that these pieces help you to create your own story and beautiful world!

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