Merry Christmas

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

This is a fun time of year and let’s start of planning a magical scene for Christmas.

The Christmas table every element is important from the table linens to the glassware and having enough room for the whole family. The finished look should be a little handmade and not too perfect! Bring out your favorite family plates, embroidered linens and hand-made decorations for a relaxed and harmonious feel!

These set of 12 dining chairs are particularly special for a large family or gathering. There beautiful shape and amazing cream calf leather seats make any kitchen or dining room look fabulous!

Alternatively, this six seater bench would be an eclectic piece down ones-side of the table. Although you still can’t get away from the children’s fight on where they want to sit! This French 19th century piece made my heart sing when I fell upon it on one of the buying trips.

Wearing: sweater and vegan leather culottes from The Frankie Shop

Finally I had to add this fantastic Russian trunk from 1886 which is such a fun piece which could be filled with blankets or stuffed with toys at the end of a child’s bed!

Mixing and matching these different styles of antique furniture into a modern setting nails down a room and adds a unique individual style and sense of charm.

Wishing you the most a very Merry Christmas from all The Gina Bowhill gang!

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