Highlights from Bluehills at Roundtop Spring Show 2021

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Wow we had a ball at Bluehills at the infamous Roudtop Spring Antique Show. My husband and I met some fabulous people, inspiring dressers, incredible interior designers and some serious shoppers! So much so that we sold out of nearly all our antique pieces, objets and paintings.

Bluehills is a wonderful and extremely friendly venue with an energetic vibe and picturesque setting surrounded by beautiful rolling fields. GB will be in the same location for the Autumn show October 25th-30th 2021 and already thinking of the backdrops to match! Now I am racing to refill my website with some more one of a kind pieces and am extremely excited to share with you some collaberations also!

As I said to many I met at the show if you are looking for something particular please contact me on gina@ginabowhill.com and I will work with my resources in Europe to find it for you.

Incredible interior designers

Tara Shaw

New book has come out ‘Soul of the Home’

Carson Kressley

Style guru

Inspiring dressers

Ashley Hart

Public figure and model

@theluckiestash & @tiffanyhancher

Coryanne Ettiene

Ettiene Market

@chandler_jean looking fabulous in Arloom huipil top!

@grace_schrim & @allanawebb

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