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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I am thrilled to launch the range of luxurious candles we have been working on all year. Creating these unique essences has been an extremely exciting journey and a great edition to Gina Bowhill.

When entering any room we all take in our surroundings visually, but there is also the stimulus of all our senses. Smell can change a room dramatically, it can give a sense of season, of welcoming, of comfort or evening elegance. It can evoke memories of great times and make lasting impressions of good times and make you and your guests relaxed and at ease.

Working with the Paris perfumer to choose the scents has been such a fun and thought proving journey. I was with my husband as we went through all the different tones, taking them in and then giving a description of what feeling or memories they evoked. The laughter as the smell bought back great times in fantastic places and cosy dreamy feelings of times curled up by open fires as the weather beat at the window!

The naming of the candles has been a family affair, over supper with the children and transatlantic discussions with my mother. All the names are very British sayings which we felt conjured up the right essence of the individual smells and tones for different rooms or occasions. As always there is a hint of British humor as life doesn’t need to be too serious!

These are for you to add the essential scent to your home or to give as thoughtful presents to people you love.

We chose to have them hand poured with the highest quality ingredients. Making the wax with a blend of coconut & soy wax for a long burn time. The dual cotton wicks make for an even burn and give off a beautiful light, the larger than normal 18oz size looks impressive on any sofa stool or side table. The white jars are adorned with a unique colored seal embossed with GB!

Keep your Pepper Up

My father would always say this to me to boost my morale when I was missing home, keep your head held high & remain cheerful. The fragrance has an extremely fresh scent made from peppercorn fused with sparkling citrus finished with an air force blue GB seal.

The Bees Knees

The phrase was originally an 18th century fanciful phrase to something that didn’t exist, but in the roaring twenties the term was used worldwide to mean the very best!

A beautiful fragrance of fruity bergamot & light amber and defined by a pure white wax GB seal.

Dressed to the Nines

The phrase is said to be Scottish in origin, the earliest written example is from 1719 but the poet William Hamilton “the bonny Lines there in thou sent me, how to the nines they did content me.” The fragrance personifies the meaning of perfection opening notes of hibiscus and blended with rich amber, finished in a plum GB wax seal.

Brass Monkey

The phrase refers to extremely cold weather & derived from the phrase enough to freeze the nose (or tail, the ……) off a brass monkey. The wonderful fragrance has a top note of evergreen and fern with a note of burning fireplace perfect for the winter season and finished with a GB gold wax seal.

Prim & Proper

Defined from the 1950’s housewife who was always dressed as if she is ready to leave the house. This fragrance has top notes of refreshing citrus and basil -embellished by the British racing green GB wax seal.

These are the perfect clean and classic candle with a touch of humor. I am delighted to offer a chance to win a candle of your choice on our Instagram giveaway next week. Full entry requirements will be found on the post when launched at noon (CDT) on Wednesday, 22nd September. You'll only have 48hours to enter, make sure you're following me so you don't miss out! See you soon,

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